8 Steps To Changing Jobs With A Current Employer

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When most people think of a getting a new job, the first thought is to look outside of their current employer. But if you work for a mid- to large-sized company that actively recruits to fill positions, the first place to start may be your internal job board. There are several things that could be prompting your desire to change jobs or switch career tracks. A different manager who knows how to groom talent or a different team that has learned how to collaborate and communicate may be just the fit you have been looking for.

When does it make sense to look for an internal opportunity? The company on a whole is stable, even if your department has been reorganized. The company has an internal job board or communicates new openings on a regular basis. Does finding a different role in the same company appeal to you as a career makeover strategy? Here are eight ways to prepare for an internal opportunity: Browse the internal job boards: Check out the opportunities and requirements.

Expand your internal network: Get clear on your passion and values: Make sure your next move is in line with who you are and the next experience you want for your career.


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Although these factors are all important, they are rarely the reason a job doesn’t work out. Instead, the three primary reasons are the boss, the company culture and the job has been misrepresented or changes once you’re in it. You can help avoid these problems by doing the following three things before you accept a new job: He asserts that the number one difficulty that people have at work is their boss.

One of Bill’s patients actually told him that he was so afraid of his boss, he couldn’t go to his mother’s funeral because he had to work. If you’ve had a bad experience with a boss, then you will naturally tend to try to learn as much as you can about the person you’ll report to in your next job to avoid repeating that unpleasant experience. Even so, few people feel comfortable “interviewing” their possible future boss.

Instead, we behave as if the relationship goes one way instead of two. It’s important to keep in mind that this person is crucial to your success or failure in your job, so the more you can find out about your prospective new boss before you start working for him or her, the better off you’ll be. Remember that bosses usually show their “best face” to you during the interviewing process, especially if they see you as a viable candidate for the job they’re trying to fill.

If your prospective boss is rude, insensitive or appears uninterested in you during the interview, this behavior will only become magnified during your working relationship. Asking the following questions will help uncover his or her personality quirks and style: How would you describe the ideal relationship you could have with someone who reports to you?

What would you expect of me during my first three months at this job?

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A staffing agency, also called a temp agency, can help bridge the gap for people stuck between jobs or for businesses that need to fill out the ranks but are having difficulty finding qualified employees.

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May 9, Updated: July 21, Looking to hire an intern this summer? More and more businesses are planning on it. Internship programs are a smart recruitment strategy for small businesses, allowing you to nurture and feed your full-time hiring efforts. A separate study by NACE found that nearly 90 percent of students who took part in internships said they would accept an offer of a full-time job from their internship employer. Review Your Needs Remember, an intern will be looking for good experience, so be sure your needs match those of the interns.

Ask yourself the following questions: How can an intern help you with your business goals? Do you have enough work to support an intern? Think about short-term and long-term assignments. Who will supervise and mentor your intern?


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