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In Greg Daniels adapted the show for American audiences and although it started out transplanting that horrifically awkward element, it became more sure of itself as it grew and turned into something warmer and more broadly funny. With such a balance between silly and clever humour and of semi-normal characters among the more larger-than-life ones, the show struck comedy gold and there are hundreds of hilarious quotes as a result. The show’s greatest creation is undoubtedly Michael Scott; the office boss with good intentions but a lack of social skills and aura of ignorance that make him an absolute joy to watch. Steve Carrell absolute kills it as Scott and delivers the vast majority of the show’s best material. Michael’s ignorance to so many things, contrasted with his superior opinion of himself make him the perfect vessel for so many misguided pieces of advice, politically incorrect statements and just idiotic utterances in general. This list could easily be populated with just Michael Scott gems, but luckily enough, the rest of the cast have their fair share of great lines too. Among a gang of office idiots are the likes of Jim and Pam who deliver most of their funniest lines either at the expense of one of their co-workers or alongside straight man Oscar simply just as a reaction to their silly office antics. Then you have Dwight, the extremist of the office, whose, let’s say unique, opinions on the world are always a great source of laughs.

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July 9, Written by Ricky Gervais, who also played Brent, and Stephen Merchant, the sitcom ran for two series and three special episodes and in became the first-ever British comedy to win a Golden Globe. The same year, Gervais also won a Golden Globe for his performance as the manager of fictitious paper company Wernham Hogg. Maverick, motivator and part-time philosopher, Brent became the show’s most quotable character.

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February 24, Follow these office romance dating rules to keep your love life and career on track. Conventional wisdom tells us it’s not a good idea to dip your pen in the company ink. But according to a survey from Vault, 58 percent of respondents reported doing just that — by being involved in an office romance. While this figure is somewhat remarkable, considering the typical office’s penchant for fluorescent lighting, it’s easy to understand that the amount of time like-minded co-workers spend together can often lead to lasting relationships.

While Losee and Olen are proponents of cubicle love — both met their spouses at work — they do caution that there are some rules you need to abide by to ensure that any office romance you embark on doesn’t leave your career in shambles. Eyes Wide Open “If you have a [work] crush on someone above or below you, you better be able to see the whole thing in front of you, mortgage, kids, the entire future, including the consequences of it not working out,” says Olen. According to Olen and Losee’s research, most people are more cautious before getting involved in a long-term office relationship.

The Love Contract You should avoid dating your boss or a subordinate employee at all costs.

‘The Office’ Romance: Jim & Pam’s Best Love Quotes

Updated September 09, What’s love got to do with it? Quite a lot, actually. I checked out current research on workplace romance to answer Tina Turner’s proverbial question. If it’s just about sex — a dalliance, an extramarital affair or a relationship entered into with the intention of moving up the career ladder — coworkers and companies tend to frown on love relationships in the workplace.

But when a couple is genuinely serious about dating and building a relationship, popular opinion is more favorable.

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Flickr via squinza Since about a third of our time is spent at the office, it’s not surprising that romance can easily spark between colleagues. And one out of five people who gave romance with a coworker a shot ended up marrying their colleague. However, there are some basic rules to keep in mind when dating someone you work with. Do follow your company’s policy.

Every organization is different. If you’re interested in a colleague, make sure you know your company’s policy, so that you don’t violate any corporate regulations.

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Forbidden Love: Workplace-Romance Policies Now Stricter

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These guidelines further will apply to our employees, whether they have dated or are dating another employee, customer, client, vendor, independent contractor, or some person in any other business relationship with this company.

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But this is not a kid’s environment, this is like HBO.

The Office: Michael Scott’s Best Quotes

Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not that way. I hate so much about the things that you choose to be. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve been very much looking forward to this moment. I have been steeped in anticipation.

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Late every day this week. We signed Cici up for this daycare. It’s on the other side of town. Why didn’t I think of this before? Did you know that there is a daycare center opening right here in this building? Now that I own the building, I’m looking for new sources of revenue.

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And although this will be the last season of The Office, we have probably learned more from Dwight in the nine-season run of the show than all our years in school combined. To give you a reference point I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose… And a panther. Last year I came to work with my spud-gun in a duffel bag. I sat at my desk all day with a rifle that shoots potatoes at 60 pounds per square inch.

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The office quotes online dating been very much looking forward to this moment.

General definition[ edit ] Workplace Romance involves two members of the same organization who experience mutual attraction Pierce et al. As individuals spend increasing hours in the workplace, they begin to spend more time with co-workers building relationships. While employers may desire for employees to be happy, workplace romance is a highly sensitive subject, due to the lack of formal rules and policies in businesses, almost all working citizens will be somehow be connected to a workplace romance.

Advantages[ edit ] Romantic relationships in the workplace can have several benefits to those involved as well as to the work environment. Some examples include the following: Energize workplace morale[ edit ] There is something about watching people fall in love that makes others feel positive as well. The attitudes of the two people involved in the romantic relationship are often uplifting, and they become happier individuals, which reflects back on their attitudes toward their work and their coworkers.

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