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Report Story Embarrasment Party Bulma was setting another party up at Capsule corp and everyone was invited especially Mr. Satan, mostly because it was the day that Hercule actually Gohan defeated Cell. Gohan, Videl, and the chibi’s Goten and Trunks have the school day off. Capsule corp was in extra security because somehow people found out that Hercule and Videl had come to Capsule Corp Hercule and Buu were drinking with Vegeta after he scared the people away. Videl and Gohan were talking while Krillin, 18, Yamcha, Tien, Bulma, and Chi Chi were snickering about how the two should get together. The couple seemed to have overheard the group and started blushing, the teens are already going out but didn’t tell anyone except for Piccolo and Dende. Goku and the chibi’s were eating like no tomorrow while Sharpener and Erasa who were also invited after persuading Videl to let them come looked like they were going to throw up after seeing them. Everyone clapped as most of the fighters stared at Gohan. Is there something on me?

Videl And Gohan Fanfiction

When Gohan and Videl arrived, everyone was already sitting at the table. How come you arrive only now? Gohan glanced at his father who answered with a wink and a broad smile. Videl laughed a bit when she understood how embarrassed her lover was but quickly followed his lead and took a rice bowl.

Trunks and Pan are married and must deal with the ‘happily ever after’ part.

A proud tradition of Ninja and Hair-gel. Attack of the Clones In fiction, a common revelation is that the protagonist and antagonist were trained by the same mentor. This is occasionally taken even further by the revelation that another important character is the one who trained the mentor, and so on up the line. When done well, this can add to the drama and development of the story and characters. It also allows for the comparing and contrasting of characters using similar skill sets at varying levels of mastery.

When done badly, it can come off somewhere in the range of an Ass Pull or Contrived Coincidence. Either way, it’s generally a concession to the Law of Conservation of Detail. As noted above, an inevitable result of this chain, if it gets long enough, is one link having to fight another. Also, the problems of one of the prior masters may end up dropped in the lap of the latest disciple.

Videl Finds Out Her Boyfriend Saved The World 7 Years Ago!

Contents [ show ] Appearance While she is Vegeta’s daughter, Bulla bears almost no physical resemblance to him and looks almost completely like her mother. When she was born, it was jokingly noted that her forehead resembled his and her facial features when angered are similar to his own. As a baby in Dragon Ball Super, Bulla has an onion-shaped head and triangle strands of blue hair on the top of her head.

As a child, during the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament , Bulla wears a white dress with orange polka dots and her hair is tied back in a knot. At the start of Dragon Ball GT Bulla is 9 10 at the end and her outward appearance is reminiscent of a teenager:

The wise knowledge of a mother is requested.

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Head trauma renders Videl childlike. To what lengths will Gohan go to help her return to normal? This fanfic is the winner of the Sennenki Fanfiction Contest Humor section and also the recipient of my special award. What can I say? The characterization’s a little off probably done so for the sake of humor , but that doesn’t detract very much from the overall enjoyment value. Indigo Spice by Beloved Animosity Rating:

Capricious – Stats change with every action.

She thought coming to an event like this could be fun The first couple of battles were painfully boring. The public openly agreed, and the boos could be heard from every angle. It didn’t help that the next match was slow to be announced. The organizers must have been talking amongst themselves Lost in thought, Bra hardly noticed Pan trying to comfort her.

Bra had never really been close friends with Pan In fact, they saw each other rarely; only on occasions such as this or at reunions at the Capsule Corporation

Bulma and Chichi

A story set in the future, where Goku and Vegeta have been captured by their very own ally and ‘friend’ All is not so sunny in this sleepy little city of ours. Where do little boys go when the evening light falls?

Vegeta lives with Bulma on Earth and fathers Trunks and Bra.

So how did Videl finally convince him to let her date Gohan? Read and see for yourself. Things had returned to normal after everything had been restored to its original state before the threat of Majin Buu. Gohan and Videl had soon after returning from the lookout, confessed their love to each other. And since then, they had been dating secretly behind their parent’s back. To save Gohan from having Chi-chi bug him about grandchildren, or having Goku team up with Krillin to tease him about having a girlfriend.

But however, for Videl it is much more serious, for she knew that her father Hercule would forbid her to get close to anyone of the opposite sex, being overly protective of her. However, it had already been two months since the couple had started dating in secret. It is time for the two to reveal to their parents of their secret. For Gohan, it went surprisingly well. Goku and Goten had merely congratulated him, and Chi-chi became excited and ignored him to call Bulma to plan a wedding.

Of course, Gohan was smart enough to announce the secret to the family at dinner, so Goku and Goten would be too preoccupied with food, so he would only have to handle his mother. But Unfortunately for Videl, things would not be as easy as it was for her boyfriend. She had revealed to her father two hours before about her relationship with the demi-saiyan.

You Just Told Me

Just because of that, I’ll give you a new chap: Gohan widened his eyes “Videl..? Cell laughed out loud “Hahaha!! You’ll never get her back!! Gohan yelled out in anger and his hair turned gold.

In Wicked , Elphaba pretends not to know Fiyero, and is a good enough actress not to respond to her name

Now I have a chance to collate them. These are truly worth looking at. From the best angst to the best humour, from the dust ridden fictions of years gone by to the newest works on the market Some included simply because the writing is of such a high standard. Dragon Ball Z – Rated: T – English – Romance – Chapters: Five long, arduous years. But all he could think about was her

Gohan and Videl Fanfiction

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