Have you received a ‘data breach’ letter from Equifax?

Weighing in at 65, tonnes she is the largest war ship deployed by the British Royal Navy. I had to field a host of questions, reflecting, variously, disbelief, curiosity and sympathy. Brexit was treated as a fact of life. The UK as a leading member and voice of the European Union was over. It was not that British participants were cold-shouldered. It was rather that the attention to the British and the questions about Brexit that had come thick and fast the previous year had given way to acceptance that the UK was going its separate way. Acceptance of the divorce, it is true, was less painful for the EU than it might have been, because Brexit had not precipitated the disintegration many had foretold. On the contrary, it seemed to have galvanised the EU in a way, with polls showing its popularity among EU voters rising.

Drawing the line – where do you stand on boundaries?

The patent numbers you will find on the triangular plate on the timing cover and in period brochures refer to several Triumph features by now standard across the range. The T21 was designed from the outset as a machine incorporating for then; modern features and aimed to attract new buyers looking for clean inexpensive transport. The design brief was for a clean, high performance, cc roadster and the components and specifications applied reflect this.

The lower sliders feature cast clamps and at the lower end is a mudguard support that can be hinged down to support the front wheel to assist in wheel removal.

The name was later anglicised and Hong Kong became the name by which the whole territory is now known. It currently has a population of about 60, and is the largest town on Hong Kong Island. The town is sheltered by the small densely populated island of Ap Lei Chau to which it has been connected by bridge since Aberdeen Promenade is on the right and the densely-populated island of Ap Lei Chau is left Aberdeen has for generations been a fishing port and home to the Tanka and Hoklo clans who originated from the mainland coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian.

Recognisable by their large-brimmed hats these boat-dwellers were once forbidden to live on land or marry land people and were born, married and died aboard their sampans and junks. The port still has a large fishing fleet although this has been in decline in recent years. Small fishing boats sail within about nautical miles of Hong Kong in the South China Sea but some of the larger junks can sail as far as the Philippines, Malaysia and beyond.

Have you received a ‘data breach’ letter from Equifax?

For up to 14 days: Holders of Macau permanent identity cards or Visit Permits with permanent resident status can enter Hong Kong visa-free for up to days. Holders of Macao Visit Permits without permanent resident status can enter Hong Kong visa-free for up to 30 days.

The design brief was for a clean, high performance, cc roadster and the components and specifications applied reflect this.

Smoke also contains harmful pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, acrolein, nitrogen oxides and a class of nasty chemicals called PAHs. Plus, any burning of fuel produces carbon monoxide, the potentially deadly, colourless gas. But are wood-burners really as bad as all that? Stoves add to an ever-thickening cloud of smog Apparently so. UK air quality is now so bad that many cities and towns routinely fail to meet international standards. This year, a study by the respected Royal College of Physicians warned that outdoor air pollution is contributing to 40, deaths a year.

More worrying still, researchers revealed that more than nine out of ten Britons live in areas with pollution levels above World Health Organisation air quality limits. Part of the appeal lies in their supposed green credentials. Burning wood simply releases this CO2 back into the air — meaning it makes little contribution to global warming.

But other wood- burners do. Under one scheme, called the Renewable Heat Incentive, anyone fitting a wood-burning hot water boiler gets quarterly cash payments over seven years. The scheme is designed to help people living in remote areas that are off the gas grid and who are having to rely on oil. Last year, it was revealed how some wood pellets destined for UK power stations are actually imported from the U.

Notes for 1964

Meanwhile, Marie Carie was found to give just one per cent more of its donations – at 65 per cent. Below the 50 per cent mark, the British Heart Foundation was said to spend an average of just 46 per cent of its cash on good work – while Age UK apparently gives a slightly higher 48 per cent. The report alleges a fifth of Britain’s best-known charities – including the British Heart Foundation file picture are putting less than 50 per cent of total income toward ‘charitable activities’ Analysis: Many of these charities are given large sums of public money annually, as well as donations.

It looked at figures from the Charity Commission’s websites in relation to each organisation. There are too many examples of charities of all sizes failing to remember that they exist for the sake of their beneficiaries, not the staff.

Dr Fuller has found similar results here.

There is little or no variation between range sensitivity and other characteristics of correctly assembled versions of the same type. The FET receiver generally will show slightly more range to complete loss of signal compared to the other versions, probably owing to increased front end stage gain. These often have a built in mistake and rarely suffer from a faulty component.

Look for 4k7 and 47K resistors in wrong places as reds and org colours are similar in artificial light. Also people get 4K7 mixed with K as they are the same three colours but opposite way round. Coils that have been cut wrong and mounted the wrong way round. IF coils may have had the centre pin cut too short. The winding loops around this pin and if cut too short will cut the winding.

Check primary pins for continuity using low ohms on meter Sometimes capacitors get mixed up and you may find a 47p and a 47uf in the wrong places or similar. Particularly mini Rx Look carefully at the caps, either the yellow type or the blue type as after soldering, the leg can become detached from the side of the capacitor, shown by a crack around the outside edge of the cap. This fault only occurs if the capacitors have been mounted very close to the board where the thermal shock of soldering is increased.

If in doubt another cap can be touched to the bottom of the PCB, across the suspect cap, during test to see if the problem clears.


Adam Hookway , Posted on: I often get asked questions about boundaries and they tend to be some of the hardest to answer. Sometimes deeds lodged with us when we first register the property may have information about it, in which case it may be mentioned in the register. In a lot of cases though, the deeds make no mention.

If you want to change an existing boundary, such as replacing an old fence with a new one, we always recommend discussing with your neighbour first and making sure it is all agreed. The registered titles can help you to reach an agreement, but only if this information has been added.

The UK as a leading member and voice of the European Union was over.

Peter admitted he used to play Doctor Who as a child growing up in Glasgow, and was thrilled he was able to play it as an adult. I haven’t played it since I was nine. As an adult actor I’ve never worked on it. The BBC spent half an hour building up to their big announcement- which was a foregone conclusion to most.

Departing Doctor Matt Smith gave words of advice to his successor He recalled: When he letter was shown on screen, an embarrassed Peter said: It’s the full anorak! The Next Doctor, was hosted by Zoe Ball. Matt, who joined the show in , will appear in his last scenes in the Christmas Special, with the Peter appearing in , joining current assistant Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara. She said in a statement: Can’t stand the tension!

Show guest Liza Tarbuck gives Peter an affectionate grab ‘With Steven’s writing and his talent I know we’ll be making an amazing show with an incredible incarnation of number I can’t wait to start this new adventure! There are no parts like this.

Call for UK sport to avoid two-tier funding approach

With less than half of the Olympic and Paralympic sports set to receive public money for their Tokyo preparations, 11 governing bodies have teamed up to demand an immediate review of funding agency UK Sport’s strategy. The call comes at a pivotal moment for UK Sport as new chair Dame Katherine Grainger starts work next week after months of bad headlines for British elite sport involving bullying, discrimination and poor leadership. But while all parties appear united on the need to address those issues, there are alarming signs of a rift over funding, with some talking about ‘haves and have nots’ and a betrayal of the Olympic and Paralympic ideals.

Under the banner of “every sport matters”, the 11 sports have called for an end to UK Sport’s “no compromise” model of only backing likely medal-winners and asked for a basic level of support so every sport has a chance of competing. Grainger has said she is sympathetic to their cause and believes a review of UK Sport’s strategy is needed, but not until after Tokyo and the current funding commitments.

I think the public would be behind that as well.

Just as the drive towards dirty diesel in the name of battling climate change turns out to have been an environmental disaster for air quality, so does the move towards wood burning.


The Next Doctor, was hosted by Zoe Ball.

Notes for 1964

Acceptance of the divorce, it is true, was less painful for the EU than it might have been, because Brexit had not precipitated the disintegration many had foretold.

Husqvarna 525BX Operator’s Manual

You can check-in and receive your boarding pass except for China Southern Airlines passengers at the check-in desk on the 1st floor of the shopping centre, opposite Starbucks.

Theo James Speed Date Interview

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