Hot Crazy Matrix: Man’s Guide To Women

It has all been done before. The good news about this is that history is a lot more valuable than you might think. The generations that have come before us faced the same temptations and challenges we face today. Or is it something that cherry-picks customs from the past, the way someone would select food at a buffet? If you look at the history of dating, marriage, and courtship, a very interesting story emerges. Quick Note The original outline for Courtship in Crisis called for a chapter on the history of courtship. We have since decided to cut that chapter from the book. Our concern is that the typical reader would find history boring. Some of you find history as fascinating as I do, so I want to share the whole history in one place. I am also wanting to put this history up for public fact-checking and cross-examination.

Hot Crazy Matrix – A Man’s Guide to Women

Ideally, you want your date to be above the diagonal line, indicating that they are hotter than they are crazy. The diagonal line is known as the Vicky Mendoza Diagonal by Barney, after a girl he dated who jumped back and forth across the line by shaving her head, then losing ten pounds, then stabbing Barney with a fork and finally getting a boob job. The bottom-right corner of the scale is dubbed the Shelly Gillespie zone by Barney, after another girl he dated who fell into that area after gaining twenty pounds and trying to kill him with a brick.

Barney explains the Hot-Crazy scale to the gang after Ted introduces them to Blah Blah , his crazy girlfriend at the time. Her actions do not correspond to what Barney draws on the graph e.

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Guy invents Hot/Crazy Matrix for dating women

Luckily for us, a chart exists where we can see just how out of balance the ratio between your hotness and craziness has become – knowledge that can prove to be invaluable over the course of your daily life. Now, you know how hot you are. But you probably have no idea how crazy you are — a major contributing factor to the problem. Be honest and rate your hotness from

How did you decide what the characters would look like in the animation?

By plotting where on the matrix a woman falls, she can be identified as anything from the female version of Chernobyl stay hundreds of miles away and wear protecting clothing all the way to marriageable material. There are two categories above marriageable. The next to the top slot is Unicorn. The very top spot, meaning a woman who is insanely hot AND not at all crazy, is a guy, in other words, a tranny.

In order to be a perfect woman, you have to not be a woman. LBL found the presentation to be both offensive and hilarious at the same time,depending whether her ice cream was in the freezer or being shoveled into her mouth during the time it took to watch the video. LBL is grateful that she found Now Husband before he found out about this matrix. That way, he was willing to waste a lot of time discussing books, movies, politics, and social issues, while she was dating him.

Had she met him after he watched the video, their three years of pre-wedding dating would have been condensed into about a week, in which LBL would be wearing stiletto heels and a bikini, and Now Husband could assess her Crazy quotient as she fell over repeatedly while trying to suck in her stomach and walk in the stilettos at the same time.

A Man’s Guide to Women

Epic Sled Stunt Fail Is Hilarious There are legends and then there are people that legends want to be like when they grow up. He doesn’t need water to go kayaking, or warm weather or a shirt. He also fails really hard.

Young Chinese men are now having difficulties finding a girl.

Guys, I need your full attention. Gals, give us a few minutes here. And it is brilliant. Hot and Crazy, the two axes on the chart. Once you rate your woman personal preference and plug her into the matrix, you will find her in one of the six zones: That automatically eliminates half of the field. McLendon encourages men to eventually move out of this zone and into a more permanent location.

Hot/Crazy Scale

Monday, August 8, Life in Ukraine Money, Clothes, Family, Dating, and Prostitution The following is a round table discussion between my various Ukranian friends and what they have taught me about their country. They are all in their early to mid twenties, and are smart enough and work hard enough to know English quite well in addition to their native language.

Her father is ex-KGB. Overly patriotic, has a very dismal view of America. Currently works with one of Ukraine’s leading businessman. Most beautiful eyes ever.

That male character certainly looks familiar.

Share Tweet Pin It People may not say it—but some want their sexual partner s to be dominant. Here are all the tips to learn how to be a dominatrix and rule in the bedroom. A dominatrix takes a leading and dominant role in a sensual and sexual scenario or relationship. How to be a dominatrix and conquer your partner in the bedroom Aside from being confident and assertive, below are some more of the things that will teach you how to be a dominatrix and have your partner worship you like crazy!

In order to know how to be a dominatrix, you need to know what it is all about. After all, there really is more to it that just wearing leather and holding a whip.

Allow a Man Packing Heat to Explain the Hot-to-Crazy Scale for Dating Girls

The lesson is all about determining how much crazy a man should tolerate in a relationship, and how this threshold should be based on how hot the woman is. As a woman, I have absolutely no problem with this line of thinking. Why, you might ask? Because everything in life is about trade-offs and relationships are not immune from such pragmatism.

For example you put up with a job you hate because the pay is good.

University of Georgia professor Richard Mullendore blames the rise of the cell phone for the explosion of helicopter parenting.

So, dear Dana McLendon, you’re saying you’d say no to Christina Hendricks from the go because of the colour she chooses to dye her hair? You know what almost never gets old? Jokes about hot, crazy women. Because while the rest of us have adhered to the linear laws of time and physics and moved forward into the 21st century, those jokes are still enjoying an extended adolescence back in the way-back of To get an idea of what it looks like there I’m imagining a sort of grainy, Hipstomatic filter, a lot of terry towelling shorts and the vague-yet-persistent aroma of VB we might ask YouTube comedian and social anthropologist, Dana McLendon.

A Man’s Guide to Women’. He drew a graph for it and everything.

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